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Friday, 13 February 2009

Tagged by Eha (Kalsom)

Actually, I posted this tag on my Facebook...but as Eha had tagged me in her "My 25 Random Things", n I'm too lazy to think of other not-so-interesting facts about myself, I decided to plagiarize my own work...miahahaha...n to make it 25, I'll add 5 more facts in the end

p/s: it is understandable if anybody snooze off while reading this list...huhu

Rules: Here's my "20 things" list. If I tagged you, you are supposed to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I think too much about everything...n when I did something wrong or idiotic, it will be played in my head for millions of times...n I will never ever forget it

2. oh...I will forgive...but will never forget

3. Fall crazily in LURVE with Santorini Island, Greece after watching the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...haha XD

4. I don't really like to share my emotions with anybody...even family...makes me feel kinda embarrassed

5. I am mood can swing 180 degree in a second

6. I'm SO afraid that I will not finish my academic exercise (research) in time...but do nothing to speed things up...aiyaa

7. had no experience of the growing pains of gigi geraham bongsu. (simply none am I am worried!) <-- OMG Ayie! exactly the same with me!! huhu 8. I hate people who spit in public! pengotor btol!!! 9. I'm still dreaming of going to Disneyland...especially the one in California 10. unlike Ayie, Peoz, Hami & most other people, I gained weight A LOT in the past few years...I mean A LOT! cc(_ _')cc

11. I don't like to hear people membebel but sometimes can't help from doing so myself

12. too ashamed of being perceived as ridiculous in front of people...sometimes it makes me appear standoffish

13. loves baking but indifferent about cooking

14. believe that I'm 50% like my father & 50% like my mother...physically, mentally & psychologically

15. I care a lot of other people's feeling...sometimes too much that I tend to turn down my own feelings

16. tried almost every product to make my hair & skin healthier & flawless but failed miserably...haha

17. I can tolerate children & babies much much better than adults...I just fond of them!

18. still supresses her desire of wanting to become a kindergarten teacher <-- woot!! another similarity with Ayie!

19. also secretly want to be a pastry chef...but maybe its too far to reach 20. I'm so grateful of the life I'm living now...hoping that my future will be as great as now =)

*the extra 5*

21. if there's such a job as 'Paid Traveller', I'll be the 1st one to apply...seriously!

22. totally agree with a saying - "a gurl can never have too many shoes"....haha...handbag as well! XD

23. my perfect dream house would be a cottage by a cool crystal-clear lake, surrounded by green gigantic mountains and under the perfect blue sky with fluffy clouds....too much to ask? =)

24. I've always been in awe (and a little bit jealous) with people who know the right thing to say at the right time

25. I used to firmly believe in 'love at the first sight', I doubt it...haihs...~

people to tag - everybody who is reading this...yes...that means U! (since this is a re-write thingy, I don't think I have the energy to tag 20 people again) cakap je la malas kn...hahaha


kem said...

okeh.aku dh abes bace. tnpa tido. khusyuk siap.. (sila blnje aku. mekaseh.)

tp aku mls nk bt tag..hihihi


eHa said...

enche... ko kt sarawak ke? aku terbace blog jihan td.. atau.. adekah 13feb tersebut tahun 2010? ahahaha...

bdk beSh said...

kem - hahaha...tq..tq..nanti aku banje apollo roka...heee

eha - yup...aku gi 13-15 aritu...kt fb pn aku ade bitaw

eHa said...

aku sbnanye kalau bukak fb aku pn x tahu mahu kemane sbb aku xreti gune lg... ko bukanke kate mahu mnjadi tuk guru aku?

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