Muara Hati

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Oh Students...

Sometimes my students can be so funny....

Funny remarks:

- "Miss, you look extra cute today!"

- "Miss, I really like your baju kurung..."

- "Wow Miss, a new handbag..."

- "You should try to wear your tudung like Miss" (said a Chinese girl to her Malay friend)

Funnier remarks:

- "Nice shoes Miss! It matches your baju kurung...but you use the same handbag daily" (from a boy...n he's not a girlish boy!)

- "Miss, your tudung is so pretty! I couldn't concentrate on the essay"

Funniest remarks:

- "Miss, *tooot* from next class says hi...he also said you look cute today"

- "Yes Miss, you want to date me?"

- "It's true Miss, you do look cute"

Kahkahkah...and all of the funniest remarks were from the same boy...adoyai...~


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