Muara Hati

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Handphone - Cellphone - Mobile Phone...who cares?

1. your hp model
--> Nokia 7390 L'Amour in Powder Pink

2. a picture of it

3. how many times did your hp get tortured by you.
--> lately, a couple of times...huhu...getting more n more careless

4. which part of your hp you hate the most and why..
--> none

5. which part of your hp you like the most and why..
--> the design...the colours...the functions...even the name! haha...L'Amour...isn't it a wonderful name? =)

6. which icon do you like the most
--> oh...unfortunately the icons are not that cute...haha...doesn't matter to me

7. what else to change to become a perfect hp..
--> touch screen! i so want a touch screen phone!

8. you need a hp because..
--> one of the most important gadgets in my life...its my alarm clock, my entertainment, my reminder, my connection to the outer world (eh?)

9. who bought this hp for you..
--> 70% my dad & 30% me...ahaks

10. with the total amount of your hp price, what could you buy other than hp..
--> half of a new laptop or a whole new wardrobe or a couple dozens of shoes...gurls eh...haha =)

11. is your hp model popular in the market
--> Nokia - yes....L'Amour - not sure

12. describe yourself as a smart hp user
--> too lazy to describe myself.. XP

13. how often do you recharge your hp
--> whenever the battery is nearly, or most of the time, already dead

14. estimate, how long could your hp survive..
--> ermm...hopefully more than 2 has already passed half of my expectation though...bravo hp!

15. actually are you interested in hp..
--> o yesss....~

16. are you happy with your hp condition now..
--> prob what so ever

17. every morning, what is the first thing you do with your hp..
--> hit the snooze button....couple of times

18. imagine someone takes your hp away for 1 day what would happen..
--> then i have to walk to class...huhu...bcoz i can't contact sya to tumpang her car...n i can't call cab to pick me....huhu....yes, i don't memorize any of the numbers

19. no hp no life..agree or bullshit..
--> somewhat agree...hehe

20. tag 6 sexy phone user..
--> kem, peoz, eha, najwa, err...ayie...n........aunty DD...haha...o yes...u guys r definitely sexy

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