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Saturday, 13 September 2008

I've Been Tagged *update*

in the last entry, I didn't have the answer for question no 13 - my dream I know!! I want to be a....

super creative-super talented-the most awesome Pastry Chef! it too late to change my major now? *wink*

[this picture is also credited to one of the Flickr users]

Monday, 8 September 2008

I've Been Tagged! (and so are u...)

hoho...cik kema ngan ...sang eha telah b'semangat meng'tag'kn diri...aku tgk pn memule ingat nk wat mende ni dikemudian hari...skali cik kema telah memberikn ayat pedas -

"and so i tag: lonia lavigne, peoz, eha, tuan syazwani,
hami rusniza, err...ah..sape2 la yg rase nk buat.., and i dont think name mentioned earlier rajin pon nk buat..sume pon pemalas..hahaha"

aku pn ape lg...tros b'kobar2 nk hasil drp mencarik2 gamba kt flickr & my own collection -

1. The age u will be on your next birthday


2. A place u'd like to travel to

Turkiye...again & again

Pulau Sipadan..hopefully by next year.. XD

(err..nape same ngan ko eha?)

3. Your favourite place

cool, calm, peaceful

4. Your favourite food...

chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!

and all kind of pastries
(erk..same cam eha lg)

5. Your favourite pet animal

unicorn...ngehehe...boley x?

6. Your favourite color c0mbination

Pink & White

7. Your favourite piece of clothing


8. Your all time current favourite song

"u're every line...u're every word...u're everything...~"

9. Your favourite TV shows (currently)

nuff' said

10. The first name of your significant other/crush

Jensen...always have, always will

11. The town u live in

Shah Alam nan permai

12. Your first job


13. Your dream job

yet to be discovered...wuwu

14. A bad habit u have

I'm a lazy bum

15. Your worse fear

not knowing what I want in life

16. One thing u'd like to do before u die

to love & to be loved

(hopefully by everyone)

mak aih! brg nk blk klang x siap lg! ni sume salah ko cik kema...hehe...ok sume...slamat berpose! tata

[some of the pictures are credited to Flickr users...taken stricly for this game purpose only..=) ]

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