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Saturday, 28 February 2009

a dream of longer silkier healthier & more manageable hair [tagged by eha]

bangun tido td, semangat nk wat ae dh membuak2...pastu gatal nk on9 dulu...ngengade gi check fb, fs ngan blog...last2 setelah 2 jam kemudian, ae langsong x sentuh lg...haihss...eha plak gi tag aku soh wat mende alah eha...kalo aku x grad sem ni sbb x siap ae, aku salahkn ko ok! muahahhahahaha

1.Someone tells you they love you, you say...

~ depends on the situation:
a) if its a girl friend or a family member...i would probably say it back (note - PROBABLY)
b) if its a guy friend...i would laugh
c) if its someone i like...i would feel hesitant to say it back....type it, maybe...but actually say takes time i guess

*gile ape siap wat list??*

the point is...its really hard for me to be frank about my feelings & emotions =(

2.If you won a lot of money on the lottery, what would you buy first?
~ world tour package! (quote eha - "pale hutak hang.. dh lah duit loteri tu harommm.. isk isk") hahahahhahaha XD

3.Do you miss anyone?
~ yessssssss (die x tanye miss sape kn?)

4.Who was driving the last time you were in a car?
~ jihan in her ViVi...cet....sume la nk bg name kt kete skang ni...tunggu aa aku ade kete...aku bg name Peah! huh

5.Do you like your bed?
~ oh yess...if only it is not as messy as now...haha

6.Will this weekend be a good one?
~ hopefully =)

7.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?
~ owh...i think i can..but then again, nobody knows for sure aite....huhu

8.How is your hair?
~ just been shampooed & moisterized

9.Do you like your life as of now?
~ alhamdulillah...very the very! =)

10.Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?
~ wish? hurmm....not really

11.Do you drink coffee?
~ of my fav drinks

12.Does anyone call you babe or baby?
~ my gurl friends

13.What were you doing yesterday at midnight?
~ zzzZZzzZzzz....~ (x penah2 tido awal)

14.Do you like surprises?
~ yes...if its a nice surprise...haha

15.What are your plans for the future?
~ huhu....not so sure yet

16.Have you ever set foot in a tanning bed?

~ x perlu la...ngeri tu nk msk dlm tu...lg pn tu sume keje mat saleh & minah saleh yg x bersyukur ngan kulit cerah dorang

17.Do you make your bed everyday?
~ eheh...nope

18.Your best friend tells you she is pregnant what is your reaction?
~ OMG!!! mcm ngeri gak lah sbb bfs sye sume x kawen lg.. hehe --> my reaction too

19.Do you like pasta?
~ like it? i LOVE it! haha

20.Whisper or shout?
~ both...for different purposes

21.Swim or run?
~ swim...swim...n swim 100000x

22.When did somebody tell you they loved you?
~ 2 days ago

23.Last person to annoy you?

~ myself! for my lack of self control...wuwu

24.Do you wish your hair was shorter or longer than it currently is?

~ longer...n silkier...n healthier...n more manageable...hahaha

25.Do you have a secret that less than 3 people know about?

~ i have a secret that no one knows!! :D --> saye juge! =) --> saye juge!!! XD

26.Have you ever had a phone conversation with someone who lived in a different state?

~ yup...i think its common now

27.Do you and your best friend have the same cell company?
~ perlu ke?

28.Are you good at persuading?

~ not really...i'm kinda afraid to persuade people...for example - what if they'll hate the thing i persuade them to buy?

29.Are there a lot of people in your house?

~ myself...jihan...boboy....abe ji....count urself...hehe

30.Does the same person call you every single day?

~ nobody calls me every single day

31.Last call received from who??

~ iwan...on my birthday...asking about a place in s.alam....without saying a word about my birthday! cisss

32.What are you doing tonight?
~ going out for a movie with my family =)

33.Do you have a guy friend you tell everything to?
~ iwan knows me quite well....but not EVERYTHING about me

34.Are you friends with more guys or girls?
~ hmm....about the same i guess...i feel comfortable with both genders

35. Tag 5 people
~ you, you, you, you & you ;p
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