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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

psst...I have a Crush on...

February....the month of romance & love (for some people)....the most unique month (bcoz some years it has 28 days...some years 29 days...what's not unique about that?)...n the most important month in my life...for those who can't figure out why, maybe u're not that close to me...haha conjunction with this "special" month, I would like to share with u a list of hotties I have a crush on...I know...I know...I'm already 24 this what??? this is purely for fun =)

this list is not in order of preference...wait...maybe just the 1st one *wink* more thing...these are all celebrities...becaaaauuse...I CAN'T and WILL NOT expose my list of 'realistic' crush...EVER! haha

- Jensen Ackles -

Full Name : Jensen Ross Ackles
D.O.B : 1 March 1978
Born : Texas, USA
Descent : Irish, English, Scottish, American
Crush Since : First episode of Supernatural played on AXN (somewhere in 2006)
Trivia : "I'm a mad Gummi fan. I always have Gummis in my trailer. But you can't eat too many because then you get Gummi tummy, and that's no good. I can't believe I'm saying this"

- Chace Crawford -

Full Name : Christopher Chace Crawford
D.O.B : 18 July 1985
Born : Texas, USA (Texas too? wow...Texas guys are hot or what?!!)
Descent : American
Crush Since : Last Gossip Girl
Trivia : His younger sister, Candice, is Miss Missouri USA 2008

- Utt -

Full Name : Greg Uttsada Panichkul
D.O.B : 3 September 1974
Born : California, USA
Descent : Thai-Chinese
Crush Since : long long time ago...probably back in 1998
Trivia : He's been the longest running and most popular MTV Asia vj to date (11 years)

- Geoff -

Full Name : Geoffrey Michael A. Eigenmann (Geoff is pronounced as 'Jeff')
D.O.B : 23 March 1985
Born : Philippines
Descent : Spanish, American, Pinoy
Crush Since : 2005...when his drama 'Hiram' was being played in Astro
Trivia : I like to call him 'Prince Chubby'...his nickname in 'Hiram' cute! =)

- Dennis Oh -

Full Name : Dennis Joseph O'Neil Jr.
D.O.B : 29 August 1981
Born : Texas, USA (what did I tell u about Texas Guys?)
Descent : Korean, American
Crush Since : 2007...when I saw the above picture (the 1st one) on the Net
Trivia : started modeling at the age of 16 as he applied for a model contest he had heard from the radio by chance while working out in his basement

- Dermot Mulroney -

Full Name : Dermot Mulroney (duhh)
D.O.B : 31 October 1963 (he may be old now...but in my heart, he's still 'Micheal' in My Best Friend's Wedding...haha)
Born : Virginia, USA
Descent : Irish, American
Crush Since : My Best Friend's Wedding
Trivia : Good friend with Brad Pitt & born on the same day as Rob Schneider

- Diether -

Full Name : Diether Ocampo Pascual
D.O.B : 19 July 1976
Born : Philippines
Descent : Pinoy
Crush Since : Sana'y wala ng wakas (2003)
Trivia : his new girlfriend (Rima Lorza Ostwani) is a resemblance of his ex-wife (Kristine Hermosa)...coincidence? =)

- James Dean -

Full Name : James Byron Dean
D.O.B : 8 February 1931
D.O.D : 30 September 1955 (sob..sob)
Born : Indiana, USA
Descent : British, American
Crush Since : watched 'East of Eden' in 2005
Trivia : His favorite drink was coffee and his favorite ice cream flavors were coffee and raspberry

- Shah Rukh Khan -


no...seriously...I think he's gorgeous...there...u can laugh ur head off....I don't care.. XP

Full Name : Shahrukh Khan
D.O.B : 2 November 1965
Born : New Delhi, India
Descent : Indian
Crush Since : from Dilwale & Dil To Pagal Hai
Trivia : was not very good at Hindi in school, until his mother promised to take him to the cinema if he passed. As he loved films, he got top marks from then on

there...what do u think? hehe...yes...there are so many more handsome men out there...but this is MY list...n I think they are simply gorgeous...perfect in their own way

now...plz excuse me while I sip a cup of nescafe n drool over more pics of these gorgeous men...lalala...~
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