Muara Hati

Monday, 5 January 2009


I'm an old soul trapped in a not-so-young body

I'm a perfectionist who don't believe in perfection

I'm an overly analytical thinker who don't really care (or do I?)

I'm an introvert person generally and extrovert person when I'm with my best friends

I'm a person who likes to talk but appreciate silence as well

I'm a person who loves to explore the world and call it a home

I'm a very sensitive person who can be indifferent

I'm a dreamer who can't tolerate nonsense

I'm observant and yet careless

I'm easily excited and bored as well

I can laugh out loud yet cry inside

I'm enthusiastic then I procrastinate

and the list goes on...and on...and on...~

sheesh....who the *toot* am I??

oh...forgot to tell u guys earlier...plz read this entry while listening to Kate Perry Hot N Cold...why? because it's my current fav song...haha...tetibe je


kem said...

u are human..
human aint perfect.

oi tuan!! rindu! =)

bdk beSh said...

kalo rindu jom aa banje aku haagen dazs
tuka url blog x bitaw
patut aa aku bukak x dpt

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