Muara Hati

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Love and Time

Yesterday I watched of my favourite movies...but suddenly, something changes....not the story, but something inside of me...the story makes me think and makes me realise that I no longer believe everything it portrays...

What I mean is, now I have a different view on Jack & Rose love story....I think it appears so great because it happened just for a few we can see, in love, mostly everything will start out great....but the truth will reveal itself little by little through time spent together...their relationship were only in the beginning of the first phase, not yet the second, third, fourth phase where everything will get deeper and deeper...they didn't have time for even a small silly argument

Jack and Rose - two people who were of the opposite could their relationship survive several years? Rose was so used to the finer things in life...would she be willing to spend a few nights sleeping under the bridge like Jack used to? Or having to do various works just to earn a few dollars per week? Could Jack change his way of living just for Rose to be comfortable? Could he be a more responsible person and stop living as carefree as he used to?

Should one change for the other, or should one stay true to oneself?

I guess, it all comes back to the ultimate question that will never have an answer - "what if...."

p.s: does that make me a skeptic, or a realist? probably I'm just no longer a hopeless romantic...

p.p.s: choose a person with opposite characters they say....we will complete each other they!
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