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Monday, 1 November 2010

][ Day 11 ][

Another picture of you and your friends

I admit, I'm so close with my Batch85 friends...very close...I mean extremely close  ;)

it might be caused by all the experiences we shared back in SMKA MH...5 years of joy & tears together would definitely make u feel that connection even though it has been 8 years since we stepped out of the beloved school...I think (most probably) those who went to boarding school will agree with me, rite? hehe

but for this post, I would like to share a pic of me with my other friends...they might not be as close to me as Batch85, but they are still very special  =)


these are my TESLians friends...this pic was taken during our pre-graduation masquerade was sooooo much fun! I had a tremendously wonderful moment that nite...everybody looked incredibly amazing...some even being super creative by creating their own masks...awesome!

the only regret for me - I was still Sang Bebola Besar...hahaha  XD

p/s: sy yg mane satu?

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